Technicolor Lenses - Psyche (ft. Soham) - 2014

from by Soham

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This was the first of many collaborations to come between Soham & Jackson Whalan / Technicolor Lenses. Recorded in Summer 2014 & released on Technicolor Lenses album "Psychedelegates" (


Soham: Contemplating how these universal ties are all arranged/We can flip through any book and still end up on the same page/The patterns are all scattered through the labyrinth of the maze/Magnetized in waves of a new age to set the stage
Jackson: Amazed, mutual friends, connection never ends/On the same wave looking through the same lens/Like I met you in a dream exploring the psyche in a conversation resonating synchronicities
Soham: Co-inside as we relearn to go inside/Co-devise the positives we co-provide/Our golden tribe can hold the vibe of the heart through art/We come together to co-liberate and spark the start
Jackson: Together never apart, wired with desire/For community, staying inspired around a campfire/We sing and dance every chance we can get/To take the vibe higher, take the vibe higher
Soham: Erase the lines between space and time gratefully to find/Sacred signs define we all comprise divine design

Jackson: It’s already here, we just have to arrive/All souls synergize in a web of many lives

Chorus: See through the mind, speak from the heart/See through the lines, we all play a part/Venture inside, to bridge the divide/The world is alive and designed to thrive

Jackson: Reflecting on all the people that I’ve met
Soham: Through every interaction destiny does manifest
Jackson: And the many faces I still haven’t seen yet
Soham: Projections of inception, are we living in a dream? Yes
Jackson: Travel on the organism that this planet is
Soham: Swimming in a hall of mirrors full of blank canvases
Jackson: Right here is where our fantasy is
Soham: Imagine all the magic that we knew when we were kids
Jackson: Now I can know you even if I haven’t met you
Scham: The miracle of cyberspace is coming to the rescue
Jackson: Communication- lightning fast information
Soham: Disseminate the pages of sages across all nations
Jackson: Interrelation of our race in acceleration like the golden ratio equation/Gotta pass it on to the next generation always searching for a new revelation
Soham: Illusions… of our separation fades away/Living in integrity’s the movement of today/The ancients remind our Earth-spaceship's aligned/Through patience we find all the grace is inside


from Weaving Threads (2012​-​2015), released September 9, 2016
from Psychedelegates, released September 2, 2014
Technicolor Lenses 2014
Featuring David Weber (Soham) on guest vocals, Max Weiner on bass, and Ian C. Evans (I.C.E) Rhodes keys
Production: Jackson Whalan
Guitar: Sam Eckstein (Esseks)
Vocals: Jackson Whalan, Carmen Estevez (backup)
Drums: Brandon Lewis (B-Riddmz)
Recorded at Substation Studio (Housatonic, MA)
Mastered by Will Schillinger at Pilot Recording Studio



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Soham Asheville, North Carolina

Inspired by the forces of Love & Light to create art from the heart.

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