Dream & Lead

by Soham

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released January 1, 2012

Big thanks to Devinn Jones for creative inspiration and the huge role his work plays throughout the tape. This wouldn't exist without him.

Lucid Dreams instrumental produced by The Alchemist.
Homage instrumental produced by Flawless Tracks.
Dream & Lead instrumental produced by Dream and Lead.
Good Morning America instrumental produced by iRatz.
Top of the World instrumental produced by theekidfresco
Finally Made It instrumental produced by Dream and Lead.



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Soham Asheville, North Carolina

Inspired by the forces of Love & Light to create art from the heart.

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Track Name: Engineered Apathy [We Are Awakening]
They say ignorance is bliss, but our fingerprints on this
It’s time to think a little bit before we sink in the abyss
Why you think that we exist? Or have you even wondered?
To lead a life of love or just to stack a bunch of hundreds?
Of all the points in life this might be one to reconsider
At the rate the world is burning ain’t much time to reconfigure
This picture is much bigger than me & everyone I know
So I’m asking for support from everyone in Ohio
they say our states for lovers, & here I was born & raised
attended the biggest party school but I’m torn from the craze
admit the thoughts that brought me here were all born from the haze
these days I’m opting for a clearer mind cause I’ve got more to say
my dreams of what we could be, would be, should be are quite lofty
most folk who’re steady ‘goin hard’ will probably call me softy
I’m steaming with get up & go, just like a pot of coffee
so I’ma sit up & flow & speak the Truth til someone comes & stops me

I spy misaligned spines simply wasting time
why ya’ll miss divine signs I’ma chase sublime
confess the picture’s picturesque if Grace can trace your line
so be here now unwound allow the sound embrace the rhyme

The insanity of humanity sure needs a quick soulution
to war famine disease economies & sick pollution
our world is cooking in fear kitchen – let me stick the truth in
only when you are fear ridden will your pain get any soothing
our potential is exponential but our culture keeps us trapped
so much so that some listeners probably think I’ve snapped
the Truth is that you’re not your mind – meditate & adapt
find out who you really are instead of chasing outer crap
we’ve been conditioned to obey & to question very little
falsehoods are so ingrained in our brains the Truth becomes a riddle
we ride through life with lights out – a purposeful padiddle
it’s a long road out of darkness please come meet We in the middle
don’t claim to be the saviors but at least we’re speaking up
to help change our behaviors cause it seems we’re bleak & stuck
most folk say ‘know thyself? That’s shit’s a joke, rather be streaking drunk’
or ‘I’m young, it’s fun, go blow thyself, I’m geekin blowin funk’

I spy misaligned spines simply wasting time
why ya’ll miss divine signs I’ma chase sublime
confess the picture’s picturesque if Grace can trace your line
so be here now unwound allow the sound embrace the rhyme

you see I’m not a tight ass critic, just believe in moderation
I’ve done a ton of drugs & trust me there are cooler stations
– smoke DMT
guess it’s cool to wreck our brains, so much so now we’re racing!
knew some kids back at OU not even drunk with half a case in
fifteen beers? Whatchu chasing?
spend the whole prime of your lives just getting wasted?
disgracing our generation? Ignore the fate that our nation is facing?
cookie cutter kids quit tracing
I do this music solely to encourage more expression
to teach people to love themselves & lessen all the stressin
the world is in our hands, should be evolving not regressing!
we must stand up united & free the world from this depression
see it’s easier today than it ever has been in the past
any movement can cross the planet in a flash
we’re spiraling out of control & kinda sinkin fast
please help this Love go viral, bump the Truth instead of trash
Track Name: Lucid Dreams
Since 9/11/91 felt like I've been a hybrid
and everytime I close my eyelids i'm reminded
of a place beyond the tangible, so far to reach
where i create like Michelangelo, my art is me
Good morning to reality, now i can hardly see
Why am I not allowed to be the one True part of me?
The things thats so important to you, they just aren't to me.
Some days just wanna leave my body and just start to Be
But this my place for now, must show my face around
Athens is my city, man do I embrace this town
I FUCKING LOVE this place, and that still understates,
Feel like I'm under weights, and still the thunder waits...

----- Yet I will never blunder,
Most people doubt themselves, me, I don't even wonder
We let the man put asunder, sure wish more could see our Oneness
All the gods are right so it ain't right to say which one is
If parts of the past were undid, wouldn't wonder where the fun went
instead we work all day til free time comes, by then we're done spent
this dumb rent is exorbitant, who plotted these coordinates?
was talkin drugs on the phone.... think that they recorded it?
Why do stores exist when we just sit at home and order shit?
The boat to misery set sail EVERYBODY boarded it
Boy is it so torturous, our forests are all orchardless
Some horses shit, my torch is lit, took my dream and exported it!
Hope they're hoardin it, not distortin it
any sunny day in Athens you can bet i'm longboardin it
but for now it's stormin and these people are all bored and sick
my life look like I took pure DMT and straight snorted it
Google that acronym, go explore a bit
Find a dark room with a cushion put it on the floor and sit, meditation ain't to mainstream yet buuuuuut, my alliance breaks the silence
My aura's ocean blue, same color as my iris
Lover of the highest, degree, I see
Everything in me, through my third E-Y-E
How absurd times three, solution is denial.
Evolution is our destiny to live in supreme ecstasy
and lyrically this ain't close to the best of me so guess you'll see
ME... Goin viral
with more flow in me than nile and my crew goes hard as tile
tell me why you hardly smile puttin each idea on trial
Are you scared of the truth?
Think I'm a sayer like the sooth?
Or just as dense as the enamel in the layers of my tooth?
(the next few lines are a Billy Madison reference)
Walk up the stairs to the stoop, with a flare n some poop
Like billy reliving his youth, drunk on gin and juice like snoop
Cause these crazy penguins danglin from the tree of life
nterferin, engineerin every seed of strife
so we smoke weed for life, only thing that stops the negative
this pressure that i'm under crushin, feelin like my leg'll give
Doctor King once said no man can't ride you 'less your back is bent
Martin Luther was a trooper, his tactics were dead accurate
STAND UP! Take a few minutes to stretch,
See me i'm in it til death, in like a dentist on meth
Dennis the Menace my Apprentice mister Wilson the target
Got the skill of an artist, and the will of the martyrs
But my death ain't necessary, though my purpose esoteric
Makin moneys secondary, writin like a secretary

Hope you're relieved, that I'm not generic
Sacred geometry is Universal Numerics
From outerspace, ionospheric
Ball like Jeter but I don't know Derek

Heart like Peter, the Saint not Jennings,
The human race is a bunch of lemmings
Misled in Spirit til we start condemning
Cause they hide the source from where the problems stemming.

And we're sippin Starbucks all the way to the grave
and this bar kinda sucks when you make minimum wage
Full of venom and rage, cause we're stuck in a cage
Evolution is a novel and we're stuck on this page.

Read ahead to the next chapter yes I've mastered this stage.
So i'ma just climb back into my bed and lay

and dream
Track Name: Homage (ft Devv The Revv)
nineteen years gone by in an instant
first time I left realized I’d be fenced in
my ambitions been steadily climbin since then
this man’s mission keeps my mind stuck inventin
& so I write to you so you can see thru the confusion
out of my wits making hits keeping hope that they’re all bruising
so you see thru the illusion & their method of intrustion
keep fear so infused in we’re scared to try for fear of losing
break free can’t break me take me to another plane
embrace the chase, most can’t face the taste of a mind free of pain
wake me make me see I’ve been trained
to be contained, ‘sane’, fit inside their frame
heart resides beside a flame, promise that I’d die for change
honest yeah I’ll try the fame – our message is a relic
from a time that was angelic feed new life like the umbilic
& I vow to give it freely, this world it truly needs WE
these spineless fiends be brainwashing mindless screens see
the Truth will set you free, mean that from my deepest part
so beware of those who claim God but truly have the cheapest hearts
said the Truth will set you free, mean that from my deepest part
so beware of those who claim God but truly have the cheapest hearts
Track Name: Dead Precedents (ft. Henry Hill, Devv The Revv)
I’m seated seeing CNN & all I sees a bunch of puppets
their orchestrated actions seem like I’m just watching Muppets
elite be planning genocide over some tea & crumpets
I truly love this country & it sucks to see it plummet
see scenes like columbine I’m tryna find where all the Love went
work on bringing Light but seems like all minds set on sunset
keep my hope alive although some nights I do get upset
our brains can be Blu-Rays while yall insist on staying cassettes
Obama needs to talk to Dalai Lama out in Tibet
Peace Love & Compassion’s much more useful of a skill set
seems to me that power just makes cowards want to kill shit
Bush knocked down the towers, let the people really feel it
let’s conduct some terrorism, best part we’ll conceal it!
& laugh at all the silly psychos that try to reveal it
keep the people chasing money hoes cars & clothes
give them funny shows & take freedom from right under their nose
not the life we’ve chose & it’s not our destiny
most are just too stressed to see, I promise that Real Life is ecstasy
it’s time to take a stand hope you feel pressed to be next to we
show dissent, don’t be acting like you’ve had a vasectomy
We deserve equity – not engineered apathy
please share this with the world, do ensure it spreads rapidly
sit silent then we’re guaranteed more violent catastrophes
cause the White House & above’s really where all the assassins be
Track Name: Renegades (ft. Henry Hill)
as fires smolder tired souls are growin older & colder
this life's a crushin type a trip but bet we'll shoulder the boulder
scold her and mold her like a soldier skilled at followin orders
we're sleeping through our waking states just skilled at swallowin foldger's
while deep in sleep i've reaped the fruit of lucid heaven sent dreams
and seeked the speak the peak of Truth with a benevolent team
to clean this evident greed, poor puppet president scenes
restore the story of our glory fuck irrelevant screens
farthest from the hardest artist just a young college boy
your food for thoughts got tarnished garnish we preach Love, Knowledge, Joy
speakin Light to bleach the night and put the Peace in the pipe
got Heart like Jesus Christ the season's right for seizin the hype
i'd say the way to the charts has marked the fate of the art
the way our days are so dark has put a weight on my heart
this mystic’s mission is a magic mix of tricks & slick decisions
time to fix our intuitions - inner vision breaks prison

you see it’s just a simple fact that this life is what we make it
lost control of our souls our cultures got us mistaken
those thought vultures are real clever so don’t ever let them break in
rise and shine these words are foldger’s to take in and awaken
as time unwinds my mind defines the nature of these blatant signs
of blatant lies – the impieties of societies
it seems they’d rather let us die at ease than find we’re truly deities
this Truth inspires me to energize all who are tired & weak
conspired to seek the secrets of reality I’ve tried to speak
but like hide & seek most flee until the timers reach… zero
while countin down most doubt & frown
instead of backing down consider scoutin out a path around
I’ll act a clown, mind in space but Self attached to ground
this tracks profound – we’re pushing weight but never maxin out
the facts can vouch – this worlds a dangerous wonderland
so keep three eyes wide open & expect the strangest plans

it’s hard to care but be aware this life is stranger than fiction
there’s a reason that these rich rapists all seem strangers to diction
we’ve been conditioned to accept – they’ve prearranged how we listen
to make the stars the ones with cars bragging bout brains in the kitchen
so please refrain from the dissin – start to complain bout what’s missin
each day I train for this mission – cause I see pain where I’m livin
there’s disparity, no charity – most just claim to be givin
fuck being lame & real livid my only aim’s to be driven
my soul has been untamed & my vision is vivid
my decisions to live it got way too much brains to be timid
this is my destiny so take the best of me til I rest in peace
& our recipe is the best indeed so keep testing We cause the
stress just feeds the needs to plant cerebral seeds to expose those evil deeds
songs composed to make the feeble see just how obscene TV screens really seem to me
& so I dream to be universal, disperse these verses without becoming commercial
this life is a circle – what goes around comes back
I give my heart to you so please go share these tracks
Track Name: Good Morning America
it’s been so loud inside your head those incessant thoughts keep pressin
stressin like an adolescent so you drink some more depressants
this life’s a game & to be a contests you best be present
despite the fight start playing right you’ll see the light is incandescent
if you ain’t an actor then you’ll never be a factor plow through info
like a tractor trackin national disasters – natural disasters tearin thru
drywall and plaster unemployment’s climbing faster
all enslaved to the same master – TRAPPED – and this is how it’s meant to be?
fear corruption & greed is all we’re meant to see? But you see to me
a great change is inevitable – hear to speak the Truth
while yall put “change” on a pedestal - lames keep your pedals still
I’ma tour thru France like Lance – illuminate dark where I glance
consuming hate sparks ignorance so while elite ignore us ants
explore your soul right now’s your chance

the world is caught up in a trance someone tell me that I’m dreaming
working all week just to go waste it on the weekend
got a thing for Doctor King & I’ve been wondering where his dream went
somehow we’re still treadin but we’re headin for the deep end
who can we believe in? these sheeple sitting silent so I guess I gotta speak then

see, the truth is the youth is lost at sea
more worried bout their B.A.C. than philosophy
now this is awfully stressful as we wrestle with these
problems tryna solve em hollering purify this cesspool!
certain I’m a vessel for spirit that’s eternal
spendin time inside my mind I’m not too worried bout external
kind of like a turtle, a blastoise among squirtles
& my path is clearly paved the rest are sprinting jumping hurdles
true you do what you do & to each his own
just tryna spread what I’ve read so I don’t teach alone
living on the top shelf don’t gotta reach Patron
my life is easy cause God helps so I’m just preaching poems
& I’m lovin all the people though I don’t even know em
but I owe em I can show em & I know seeds are sowin
while I’m flowin & their sprouts clear out the doubts
words rain on their brains blotter spouts water droughts
work on bringing some peace to share the fruits of the Earth
you thinking Gucci (mane)’s a beast then you’ve been zooted since birth
but ignorance is bliss & money’s all that matters right?
never seen a sadder sight, music needs more Gladys Knight
folks with heart & soul, not the heartless & cold
souls sold for apartments, a few chart hits & gold
so my part is to show this is a world disguised
despise their lies & grow wise or see our worlds demise

they hear me speaking soul & they’re probably pissed & plottin hits
sure hope I don’t get shot & split but God is on my side in this
my eyes is on the prize & it’s for love to come inside & fix
the lies & tricks bad guys are sick my eyes are fixed
as I just spit the truth – share it, confide in it
this is the way it is, but why is it? that millions have to die & shit
got AIDS, swine flu & viruses, prescription pills in sinuses
loves as rare as kindness is & hate is on the minds of kids
this blind mindlessness is sick