Weaving Threads (2012​-​2015)

by Soham

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released September 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Soham Asheville, North Carolina

Inspired by the forces of Love & Light to create art from the heart.

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Track Name: Meta4 - Creation (ft. Soham) - 2013
Verse 1 - Soham
Galactic wave, cascade on my crown
Put the pen to the pad, watch the page get profound
Burn the sage, turn the page, and embrace all around
Honored conduit of spirit, on a stage with the crowd
Resonate with the great, then relay it in a sound
Meditate with your fate, let the medicine astound
Mother Earth is my friend once I met her in the ground
Meta4 from the core, we're some veterans in town
Competitors abound, but we're centered in the Tao
Rendered in the now by pretenders in the clouds
Minds liberated to sublime living status
Design has created us to thrive in this matrix
My motivation - my homies in the spaceships
Let your soul awaken to the sacred ancients
Resistance persists, desist and insist bliss
In this existence, consistence permits creation

My motivation - to rise above my limitations
Is creation and innovation
My inspiration - to find a higher elevation
Over landscapes of desolation
I'm levitatin' - the sky's the mode of transporation
Gliding by to my final destination
And barely made it - free from life and liberation
Pursuing happiness, I finally found it in creation

Verse 2 - Glo:
The way that I create it and demonstrate it is heaven-sent
Praying what I make is related to what I represent
100% of it is lyrics and rhymes
I play the music when I'm up in my mind, transcend Emerson
Better best, never at rest, I'm not to bet against
Destined to manifest a mess of dead presidents
Pestering and pressuring the protag' to pencil this
Written in anecdotes from antidote to pestilence
Blind, evoking narrative lines - a time terrorist, I'm
Rewinding fate to design my own heritage
Brain broken, body is fine, this self-sacrilege mine
But still I open vocal gates to find the key that's inside
When time is spoken in place, it's my creation
I call to put myself in a haste for liberation
A final wish, I hope you relate - I'm so impatient
I always push myself to inspire imagination


Verse 3 - G
I'm sick, cross-wit with my diagnostics
Real shit, spit toxic and make you nauseous
Regardless, an agnostic stays godless
The cranial colossus, drunk Dionysus
Lost logic - the people took it hostage
Crafting keywords like a verbal locksmith to let it out
No doubt, Imma do or die this
Like Icarus; flap my wings until I fry, bitch
Cold flow, bringing you a change in climate
And I know you're amazed I ain't at my prime yet
Public display of my brains, never keep 'em private
22 years old, asking where the time went
Didn't sense the undercover, subatomic mindset
Was about to blow and leave the whole globe so silent
Explode violent - G and Glo, timeless rhymers
Yet the industry will never find us
Everything I touch turn to gold like Midas
Beneath the Earth's crust, dug up by lyrical miners
Gonna be the best, no need to remind us
Guess it's time I shut up, so you can rewind us
Track Name: Technicolor Lenses - Psyche (ft. Soham) - 2014
Soham: Contemplating how these universal ties are all arranged/We can flip through any book and still end up on the same page/The patterns are all scattered through the labyrinth of the maze/Magnetized in waves of a new age to set the stage
Jackson: Amazed, mutual friends, connection never ends/On the same wave looking through the same lens/Like I met you in a dream exploring the psyche in a conversation resonating synchronicities
Soham: Co-inside as we relearn to go inside/Co-devise the positives we co-provide/Our golden tribe can hold the vibe of the heart through art/We come together to co-liberate and spark the start
Jackson: Together never apart, wired with desire/For community, staying inspired around a campfire/We sing and dance every chance we can get/To take the vibe higher, take the vibe higher
Soham: Erase the lines between space and time gratefully to find/Sacred signs define we all comprise divine design

Jackson: It’s already here, we just have to arrive/All souls synergize in a web of many lives

Chorus: See through the mind, speak from the heart/See through the lines, we all play a part/Venture inside, to bridge the divide/The world is alive and designed to thrive

Jackson: Reflecting on all the people that I’ve met
Soham: Through every interaction destiny does manifest
Jackson: And the many faces I still haven’t seen yet
Soham: Projections of inception, are we living in a dream? Yes
Jackson: Travel on the organism that this planet is
Soham: Swimming in a hall of mirrors full of blank canvases
Jackson: Right here is where our fantasy is
Soham: Imagine all the magic that we knew when we were kids
Jackson: Now I can know you even if I haven’t met you
Scham: The miracle of cyberspace is coming to the rescue
Jackson: Communication- lightning fast information
Soham: Disseminate the pages of sages across all nations
Jackson: Interrelation of our race in acceleration like the golden ratio equation/Gotta pass it on to the next generation always searching for a new revelation
Soham: Illusions… of our separation fades away/Living in integrity’s the movement of today/The ancients remind our Earth-spaceship's aligned/Through patience we find all the grace is inside
Track Name: Heiss - Practice Laughter Yoga (ft. Soham) - 2013
Cats admiring on the lions with the mic we like some tyrants
Writing lines like I'm Lord Byron fighting crimes like i'm a siren
Enticing dimes like I'm the siren flip the script - add y to iron
Sitting silent high & smiling on an island close to Thailand
Tight willed, quite bright, white, skilled alliterator
Think in ink, in sync with Sphinx, a true collegiate riddle major
Real in flavor record-make-or-breaker with a quill & paper
Stable as a table able as an Egyptian middle ager
Crossed some bumpy roads though foes arose I'm still a skater
Minds blown like Humpty goes - compose the flows & fill an acre
Life's a bitch? well this kids-nappin, dream bout rappin til I take her
Break her make her recognize the real instead of silly fakers
Found a pound of loud I'm bound to clown from ground to cloud
Back down to town astound the crowd & crown the sound profound
I lounge around allured by words & herbs while adding verbs to proper nouns design a rhyme define sublime unwind allow good thoughts abound

We finally found the keys to the Doors of Perception
Is this Waking Life a dream? Are we just born from Inception?
This metamorphic assessment is an important investment
Is the source of the pleasure the same source of our stresses?
Moving forward at a tortoise-pace, distorted progression
Global elite "Too Big To Fail?", can't afford a confession?
SHiT Y'ALL, there's more to this lesson...
Take a deep collective breath, let's start exploring the essence
Where are are RIGHT NOW, this is the present
The relevance of past & future are our minds manifested
We're holding down the Third Dimension, many higher levels
This reality's vibrational like bass & treble
Thoughts and feelings are our notes, our bodies are the instruments
Our actions are the music life's the dance so do get into it!
You're probably on this planet to bring Light to the Dark
Spread Love, be of Service, & breathe Life into Art
Stand up for our Mother, she's a high class woman
Celebrate with this tribe & get your fine ass grooving!
Aligned with Divine Trinity you're thrice competent
Confidently light up the path to Christ Consciousness
Let go of the past, accept & reflect
If you want to know your Self than just connect with your breath
Do what you love every day, don't just be some hired help
Open up to inspired assignments from your Higher Self

v3 (This one is a little ridiculous & where the title came from :D )
Aliens exist indubitably
They probably rule the planet chillin with the super elite
Confusing our creed, abusing & consuming our seed
All up in our newsfeed, shit's amusing to see
& out in space, floating like a jar of chia seeds
An ever-benevolent race of beings from the Stars of Pleiades intervene
Assisting in maintaining sacred balance
Planting Starseeds, Bringing the Dawn like the Daoists
I followed the white rabbit til I went & met her fairy daughter
No more need to carry blotter when life is like Harry Potter
Acing the N.E.W.T.'s, got off topic went & flipped the script
Smile if you hip to this, flying on my Hippogriff
To Bohemian Grove, go Google that
While I rock a foil hat cuz I think my noodles tapped
Watch the show Spirit Science on YouTube x2
Drunvalo Melchizidek, Yo, Let me be direct
Living in the Heart truly taught me how we effect everything
All of life is interconnected & the dogmatic propaganda of a sinner rejected is a half truth,
man I love cashews, superfood smoothies get high & bash food
HealthForce Nutritionals are the most legitimate medicinal food products on Earth (edit: not entirely, but almost... ;)
If you're stubborn struggling, here's a scene for your mental
Proper nutrition is supremely essential
Veganism is pretty dope if your blood type matches
Cacao maca & matè keep the fun nights lasting
Consumerism's got us in a juju whirlpool
Upgrade your mind, subscribe to LuLu Worldview
Find a gathering where humans share their true fire
Logan Ohio mid-August come to Rootwire (RIP)
Inspiration for this vagrant hip-hop came from
The Source Field Investigations - David Wilcock
Signing off to eat some guacamole beans & dank rice
I gotta thank twice, Sonic Sorcerer, Frank Heiss
The crafter of this track, Sonic Sorcerer, Frank Heiss

Track Name: Optimus Tribe - Babylon (ft. Aloka, Soham, Srikala & Malia Kulp) - 2013
Soham v2

Speak into Genesis, begin to seek receive the benefits
As we proceed to enter this all greed recedes to innocence
Perceive believe your inner sense thru sentences of centeredness
Haunted by the menaces our spirits are adventurous
Lyrics with intention to achieve supreme deliverance
Revive our tribe & strive to thrive towards eminent remembrance
Synthetic streams of sentience stay senseless with numb sentiments
Remember this with emphasis - our resonance is heaven sent
Relevance with eloquence - accelerate the elements of change
Re-arrange the game to bump benevolence
Reverence trains the brain to set new precedents
Carrying the torch thru the storm towards the precipice
Inner-knowing over-standing messages of pessimists
Brainwash methodists incessantly babble on
Decoding the matrix - patience til we battle Tron
Microphone my magic wand - this blessed path we'll travel on
Revolution Evolution transmute Babylon
Track Name: Heiss - Unified Division (ft. Soham) - 2015
Sight beyond sight from a height beyond heights guiding me
Compassion in action is gaining traction in our rivalry
Perspective macrocosmic through sorcery supersonic
Expressing these messages of peace & love thru future phonics
Sippin tonics & elixirs - fixate upon sacred scriptures
Painting pictures of a world free of hatred & fake depictions
Of the Highest Source of Truth within the Earth beyond the tall skies
We're all connected regardless of where the fault lies
I play the game to find my frame of mind expanding
To see the world thru All Eyes equates to overstanding
A golden plan awaits our humble hands to build
So many peaceful people all across these lands are skilled
In the arts of the heart - harmonizing in community
Sunrise on the horizon catalyze our opportunity
For Unity of All - what comes next is our decision
Forgive, accept, and grow to see all souls thru OmniVision

Yes I'm a white man
Real privileged, with a nice plan
To serve the Earth and heal our people in my life span
Grow my roots and bear the fruits across this ripe land
Speak Truth, shine this light to ignite fans
The only reason why I step up to this mic stand
I'm truly scheming to enlighten all who might glance
Pursue your passions even if there ain't a slight chance
Believe you can - the Universe don't like cants
We see the demons and full lotus is the fight stance
We can write rants or co-create a brighter sight - DANCE!
To the rhythm of your soul-shine prism
Deep inside your heart is a spark of timeless wisdom
Breath deep - unwind your system - listen
Refined vision brings divine intuition
Unified Division within is love's fruition
Unified Division within is love's fruition

Subjective & Objective
10,000 different threads
Omnidirectionally connective
Deep thoughts - existentially reflective
Commissioned on this mission
Guided by the Prime Directive
Mind detective - excavate the psyche
Digging thru the depths discerning
Burning all I might be
Grace & ease flow thru life like it's tai chi
I am you and you are me
Track Name: Soham - 13:20 (Prod. by VybrationZ) - 2012
seek the stillness of your mind & find the shrine behind
journey deep inside your heart that's where Divine resides
synchronicity's our guide we always find the signs
let your lovelight grow & glow yo it's our time to shine

inhale through your root, let your spine align
exhale out the crown, intertwine body & mind
pranayama asana focus to find your guides
DMT in an IV to redefine what blind really means
these silly dreams, fictitious scenes
reality consciousness weaves infinitely
All is Light All is Love All is Right
Starseeds use heart keys to enlighten & spread the Insight
weary leeches on the path will always try to toss ya
transmute your karmas in a bath of divine ayahuasca
embrace DNA galactivation friendly flying saucers
make tantric love with Mother Nature oh yes Gaia's awesome
higher learning we're returning the divine immortal blueprint
fires burning finally discerning this immoral mutant paradigm
of glaring lies tear at our souls until we're paralyzed
sterilized tribes awakening from their demise

sippin smoothies from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden
snakin through this genesis to see what's guarding the secrets
blessed my friends friends insisting that we pour our hearts into seeking
as ancient memories awaken seems we started these teachings
karmic cleansing letting go of all our scars & our weakness
planting tantric Seeds of Life without discarding our semen
vibrations steady elevation seeing stars when i'm speakin
& writin bars when i'm sleepin life's trippin hard & i'm peakin
cultural dissonance emits - seen as 'too far off the deep end'
those overcome with fear of Truth are disregarding our beacons
stuck in these hard to believe facades of fraud & deceiving
Soham it starts with our breathing notice our hearts are all beating
in Unity, One with the trees & the Sun & the breeze & you & me
once done with greed we'll proceed to conceive communities
of Love lets raise this bar & then leap it
turns out that God is a vegan check out this garden we're eatin

align your mind with guides inside & you'll be showered in Light
embrace galactic activation through the Flower of Life
the hour is right - the Unity in you & me might
just be the Light that sparks the dark ignite the power of Christ
we have such powerful sight - WAKE UP remember your potential
to truly make it in this matrix the ancient tricks are all mental
centered mind & breath controls the keys to free your stressin soul
mystery schools with Love tuition i'd suggest you'd best enroll
collective unconsciousness is ominous it's obvious we've got to get
our minds & tribes aligned to redesign connected wholes
once you accept your role, all the conceptions flow
been stressin time is of the essence lazy bones investin slow
arrested growth can be transcended when fear is clear & all mended
our tears are our greatest friends & release is the latest trend
if we cease to obey the loveless lost plottin our planet's end
& flood the world with Love & Light we will finally all be friends

seek the stillness of your mind & find the shrine behind
journey deep inside your heart that's where Divine resides
synchronicity's our guide we always find the signs
let your lovelight grow & glow yo it's our time to shine
Track Name: Meta4 - Believe (ft. Soham) - 2013
Verse 1 - Glo:
It doesn't take a lot to wake the dreamers
We're breaking free into another world,
Specifically created for the make-believers
We're the leaders
We never break/brake or stop so they can read us
Until these thoughts, clocks, and writer's block are all defeated
Fallen, so weeded out, seeded to receive it
Grimly reaping; still I sow/sew the route, cross-stitch, and beat it
One vibration/Vybration, three skydivers striving til we leap in
Never sleeping - divine writers lying, living, teaching
'Stead of reaching for the stars, we just started preaching ours
With a vision for these bars to be home, we live in Oz
And there's no place like this; a façade, a faux-mirage
So when that bassline hits, I'm in charge, control the Gods
Hold applause - this love is odd, true with flaws, even
Lead the lost, imagine if you paused back when you were semen
Say it now, you'll seek a plan that is worth continued dreaming
Head to clouds and feet are planted to Earth - can you believe it?

Verse 2 - Soham:
Forget the granite and turf, embrace the planet of Earth
Some greenery and scenery is sadly damaged and burnt
By fake dudes with fake food, rudely robbing the dirt
This corporate dominance is ominous, a prominent curse
Been patient, plotting a search - the Middle Path'll solve this riddle fast
Sifting through the fiddled facts, filling in the little gaps
Still relaxed, serving civil acts, spilling raps, and killing snacks
Adapting to the task of these fracked acts
Seek truth - plant seeds of revival
And sing your heart song freely like a needle on vinyl
We are designed by divine to revive the mystics
Prompt our tribes to align and defy statistics
You would not believe your eyes how our minds are deceiving
Step into your heart, thrive, know the sky's not the ceiling
Love comprises the feeling and reminds us we're dreaming
If you vibe with achieving, then we'll rise into healing - believe

Verse 3 - G
Music is the muse making my point of view beautiful
I'm unusual, I'll admit; a bit delusional
These human illusions are satisfied inside cubicles
Acting dutiful, stressing, chewing their cuticles
Forgot to mention their problems are unremovable
Professions - malignant tumors dooming you to your funeral
Expressing my perspective, conventions are institutional
That's the fact, and the fact is irrefutable
Instead of second-guessing my efforts and who I do it for
I tap into my essence, an energy that's renewable
To etch another sentence; success is a fluent flow
Suppressing my aggression, these passions are all pursuable
Count the passing seconds the tick of each Roman numeral
Some forces are unstoppable, objects are immovable
But not when you believe that the impossible is doable
Sometimes it's hard to see, but delusional's really beautiful
Track Name: Heiss - Mystical Revival (ft. Soham) - 2013
This the arrival of the mystical revival
Expanding exponential like we're sippin from the vial
Sittin listening to vinyl steady scripting with a smile
Nutrition for survival we've been missing for awhile
Been commissioned as a child - put my vision in Art
Keen eyes open ears and an intimate heart
I live to embark - depart from where the infinite starts
Delivering sparks like Tesla with a synonym chart
to rhythmless parts - Spreading hip-hop medicine
Tick-tock veterans with dynamic rhetoric
Time's hands ahead of us - we always moving right around
Perfect place time & space grateful for the sights and sounds
Write it down - grab a pen and then start
Relaying messages of hope - women & men in the dark
Contending with sharks stay centered & sharp
Intend with your heart
Only we can be the sugar when life's lemons are tart

In this circle of life
Some crazyness is in the radius
Stay focused in your heart
Speak your Truth
& Shine your Radiance
From patriots to atheists
surrender to the flow
We can't pretend we're in control
Once we remember what we know