Meta4 - Creation (ft. Soham) - 2013

from by Soham

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Recorded in Athens, OH in 2013 with two of my favorite lyricists, Glo & G of Meta4. Produced by the one & only Brad Becca (VybrationZ)

Check out their awesome catalog of work on SoundCloud! (


Verse 1 - Soham
Galactic wave, cascade on my crown
Put the pen to the pad, watch the page get profound
Burn the sage, turn the page, and embrace all around
Honored conduit of spirit, on a stage with the crowd
Resonate with the great, then relay it in a sound
Meditate with your fate, let the medicine astound
Mother Earth is my friend once I met her in the ground
Meta4 from the core, we're some veterans in town
Competitors abound, but we're centered in the Tao
Rendered in the now by pretenders in the clouds
Minds liberated to sublime living status
Design has created us to thrive in this matrix
My motivation - my homies in the spaceships
Let your soul awaken to the sacred ancients
Resistance persists, desist and insist bliss
In this existence, consistence permits creation

My motivation - to rise above my limitations
Is creation and innovation
My inspiration - to find a higher elevation
Over landscapes of desolation
I'm levitatin' - the sky's the mode of transporation
Gliding by to my final destination
And barely made it - free from life and liberation
Pursuing happiness, I finally found it in creation

Verse 2 - Glo:
The way that I create it and demonstrate it is heaven-sent
Praying what I make is related to what I represent
100% of it is lyrics and rhymes
I play the music when I'm up in my mind, transcend Emerson
Better best, never at rest, I'm not to bet against
Destined to manifest a mess of dead presidents
Pestering and pressuring the protag' to pencil this
Written in anecdotes from antidote to pestilence
Blind, evoking narrative lines - a time terrorist, I'm
Rewinding fate to design my own heritage
Brain broken, body is fine, this self-sacrilege mine
But still I open vocal gates to find the key that's inside
When time is spoken in place, it's my creation
I call to put myself in a haste for liberation
A final wish, I hope you relate - I'm so impatient
I always push myself to inspire imagination


Verse 3 - G
I'm sick, cross-wit with my diagnostics
Real shit, spit toxic and make you nauseous
Regardless, an agnostic stays godless
The cranial colossus, drunk Dionysus
Lost logic - the people took it hostage
Crafting keywords like a verbal locksmith to let it out
No doubt, Imma do or die this
Like Icarus; flap my wings until I fry, bitch
Cold flow, bringing you a change in climate
And I know you're amazed I ain't at my prime yet
Public display of my brains, never keep 'em private
22 years old, asking where the time went
Didn't sense the undercover, subatomic mindset
Was about to blow and leave the whole globe so silent
Explode violent - G and Glo, timeless rhymers
Yet the industry will never find us
Everything I touch turn to gold like Midas
Beneath the Earth's crust, dug up by lyrical miners
Gonna be the best, no need to remind us
Guess it's time I shut up, so you can rewind us


from Weaving Threads (2012​-​2015), released September 9, 2016
Produced by VybrationZ
Written and performed by Soham, Glo, and G
Recorded and Mixed by Comp-B



all rights reserved


Soham Asheville, North Carolina

Inspired by the forces of Love & Light to create art from the heart.

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