Meta4 - Believe (ft. Soham) - 2013

from by Soham

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Recored in Athens, OH in 2013 with two of my favorite lyricists, Glo and G of Meta4. Produced by the one & only Brad Becca (VybrationZ)

Check out their awesome catalog of work on SoundCloud! (


Verse 1 - Glo:
It doesn't take a lot to wake the dreamers
We're breaking free into another world,
Specifically created for the make-believers
We're the leaders
We never break/brake or stop so they can read us
Until these thoughts, clocks, and writer's block are all defeated
Fallen, so weeded out, seeded to receive it
Grimly reaping; still I sow/sew the route, cross-stitch, and beat it
One vibration/Vybration, three skydivers striving til we leap in
Never sleeping - divine writers lying, living, teaching
'Stead of reaching for the stars, we just started preaching ours
With a vision for these bars to be home, we live in Oz
And there's no place like this; a façade, a faux-mirage
So when that bassline hits, I'm in charge, control the Gods
Hold applause - this love is odd, true with flaws, even
Lead the lost, imagine if you paused back when you were semen
Say it now, you'll seek a plan that is worth continued dreaming
Head to clouds and feet are planted to Earth - can you believe it?

Verse 2 - Soham:
Forget the granite and turf, embrace the planet of Earth
Some greenery and scenery is sadly damaged and burnt
By fake dudes with fake food, rudely robbing the dirt
This corporate dominance is ominous, a prominent curse
Been patient, plotting a search - the Middle Path'll solve this riddle fast
Sifting through the fiddled facts, filling in the little gaps
Still relaxed, serving civil acts, spilling raps, and killing snacks
Adapting to the task of these fracked acts
Seek truth - plant seeds of revival
And sing your heart song freely like a needle on vinyl
We are designed by divine to revive the mystics
Prompt our tribes to align and defy statistics
You would not believe your eyes how our minds are deceiving
Step into your heart, thrive, know the sky's not the ceiling
Love comprises the feeling and reminds us we're dreaming
If you vibe with achieving, then we'll rise into healing - believe

Verse 3 - G
Music is the muse making my point of view beautiful
I'm unusual, I'll admit; a bit delusional
These human illusions are satisfied inside cubicles
Acting dutiful, stressing, chewing their cuticles
Forgot to mention their problems are unremovable
Professions - malignant tumors dooming you to your funeral
Expressing my perspective, conventions are institutional
That's the fact, and the fact is irrefutable
Instead of second-guessing my efforts and who I do it for
I tap into my essence, an energy that's renewable
To etch another sentence; success is a fluent flow
Suppressing my aggression, these passions are all pursuable
Count the passing seconds the tick of each Roman numeral
Some forces are unstoppable, objects are immovable
But not when you believe that the impossible is doable
Sometimes it's hard to see, but delusional's really beautiful


from Weaving Threads (2012​-​2015), released September 9, 2016
Produced by VybrationZ
Written and performed by Glo, Soham, and G
Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Lavergne



all rights reserved


Soham Asheville, North Carolina

Inspired by the forces of Love & Light to create art from the heart.

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