Heiss - Practice Laughter Yoga (ft. Soham) - 2013

from by Soham

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Pure mystic linguistic play. Recorded in Athens OH, 2013.

What is Laughter Yoga? laughteryoga.org/about-laughter-yoga/


Cats admiring on the lions with the mic we like some tyrants
Writing lines like I'm Lord Byron fighting crimes like i'm a siren
Enticing dimes like I'm the siren flip the script - add y to iron
Sitting silent high & smiling on an island close to Thailand
Tight willed, quite bright, white, skilled alliterator
Think in ink, in sync with Sphinx, a true collegiate riddle major
Real in flavor record-make-or-breaker with a quill & paper
Stable as a table able as an Egyptian middle ager
Crossed some bumpy roads though foes arose I'm still a skater
Minds blown like Humpty goes - compose the flows & fill an acre
Life's a bitch? well this kids-nappin, dream bout rappin til I take her
Break her make her recognize the real instead of silly fakers
Found a pound of loud I'm bound to clown from ground to cloud
Back down to town astound the crowd & crown the sound profound
I lounge around allured by words & herbs while adding verbs to proper nouns design a rhyme define sublime unwind allow good thoughts abound

We finally found the keys to the Doors of Perception
Is this Waking Life a dream? Are we just born from Inception?
This metamorphic assessment is an important investment
Is the source of the pleasure the same source of our stresses?
Moving forward at a tortoise-pace, distorted progression
Global elite "Too Big To Fail?", can't afford a confession?
SHiT Y'ALL, there's more to this lesson...
Take a deep collective breath, let's start exploring the essence
Where are are RIGHT NOW, this is the present
The relevance of past & future are our minds manifested
We're holding down the Third Dimension, many higher levels
This reality's vibrational like bass & treble
Thoughts and feelings are our notes, our bodies are the instruments
Our actions are the music life's the dance so do get into it!
You're probably on this planet to bring Light to the Dark
Spread Love, be of Service, & breathe Life into Art
Stand up for our Mother, she's a high class woman
Celebrate with this tribe & get your fine ass grooving!
Aligned with Divine Trinity you're thrice competent
Confidently light up the path to Christ Consciousness
Let go of the past, accept & reflect
If you want to know your Self than just connect with your breath
Do what you love every day, don't just be some hired help
Open up to inspired assignments from your Higher Self

v3 (This one is a little ridiculous & where the title came from :D )
Aliens exist indubitably
They probably rule the planet chillin with the super elite
Confusing our creed, abusing & consuming our seed
All up in our newsfeed, shit's amusing to see
& out in space, floating like a jar of chia seeds
An ever-benevolent race of beings from the Stars of Pleiades intervene
Assisting in maintaining sacred balance
Planting Starseeds, Bringing the Dawn like the Daoists
I followed the white rabbit til I went & met her fairy daughter
No more need to carry blotter when life is like Harry Potter
Acing the N.E.W.T.'s, got off topic went & flipped the script
Smile if you hip to this, flying on my Hippogriff
To Bohemian Grove, go Google that
While I rock a foil hat cuz I think my noodles tapped
Watch the show Spirit Science on YouTube x2
Drunvalo Melchizidek, Yo, Let me be direct
Living in the Heart truly taught me how we effect everything
All of life is interconnected & the dogmatic propaganda of a sinner rejected is a half truth,
man I love cashews, superfood smoothies get high & bash food
HealthForce Nutritionals are the most legitimate medicinal food products on Earth (edit: not entirely, but almost... ;)
If you're stubborn struggling, here's a scene for your mental
Proper nutrition is supremely essential
Veganism is pretty dope if your blood type matches
Cacao maca & matè keep the fun nights lasting
Consumerism's got us in a juju whirlpool
Upgrade your mind, subscribe to LuLu Worldview
Find a gathering where humans share their true fire
Logan Ohio mid-August come to Rootwire (RIP)
Inspiration for this vagrant hip-hop came from
The Source Field Investigations - David Wilcock
Signing off to eat some guacamole beans & dank rice
I gotta thank twice, Sonic Sorcerer, Frank Heiss
The crafter of this track, Sonic Sorcerer, Frank Heiss



from Weaving Threads (2012​-​2015), released September 9, 2016
Recorded in a hotel over a 4 hour session in Athens, OH in 2013.
Released on LostInSound.org Summer 2013 Compilation soundcloud.com/lostinsound/summer-v-a-2013-04-heiss

Lyrics and vocal performance by David Weber (Soham)
Produced by Frank Heiss



all rights reserved


Soham Asheville, North Carolina

Inspired by the forces of Love & Light to create art from the heart.

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